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Leadership Affirmation Cards 

Our daily affirmation cards are the perfect way to show your employees that you care about their well-being and appreciate their hard work. Each card features a unique and inspiring message that is sure to uplift and motivate your team. From encouraging words of affirmation and positive affirmations to inspirational quotes and thought-provoking prompts, our cards are designed to help your employees stay focused, motivated, and engaged.


Corporate Titanic Leadership stack

Our cards are specifically designed to challenge and engage your team, while also promoting collaboration and teamwork. With categories like Leadership Lessons from the Titanic and Navigating Choppy Waters in the Workplace, your team will gain valuable insights and skills that they can apply to their work every day.


Pick our Brain Session

This is a short session up to 30 min with your strategic planning or HR questions


Follow up strategic session appointment 

This session is designed as a follow-up session to help entrepreneurs navigate through their strategic plan.  This is 45 min to an hour.  A charge of 50.00 hr will be invoiced if session goes into an additional 30 min.  If you feel you need more time please contact MKK Bell Consulting ( at our contact page)


Strategic Planning Session

This session is deep dive into your business regarding your organizational goals.  We will look at your long term goals and develop a plan to help you get there.  Please be prepared to work as this is a labor intensive session.  This session will take 1hr to 2hrs

*Please do not pay for your session until you have solidified a date with a MKK Bell representative 


Individual Training Packages- I Lead Program

This program is designed to help managers and team leads guide their employees, set goals, and execute targets.


This program is split into 3 different Modules:

  • Intro (4 weeks In-person/Virtual)

  • 360 (3 weeks In-person/Virtual)

  • Monthly coaching (optional is normally after the participants have gone through steps 1 or 2) 6-month minimum commitment required

*Please do not pay for your session until you have solidified a date with an HR Growth Spurts representative. 

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