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440 Benmar Suite 3053

Houston Texas, 77060



What's our secret sauce?

No matter what package you select, our clients receive very hands-on services.  Our Growth experts work hands-on with their assigned clients to make sure the organization is growing and staying ahead of different changes happening in the world of HR!  This is represented through proactive communication, site visits ( when necessary), Growth plans, assessments, and much more! 

We are not a "call center" we are your HR team!

Why should you work with HR Growth Spurts?

Why should I use HR Growth Spurts?

Every company should have an HR team focused on the growth of their organization. Our team specializes in compliance, employee relations, and recruitment while also focusing on the GROWTH of your organization.

How do we grow your organization?​

We work very closely with your Leadership Team to create strategic goals that will align with your mission and goals. We use several “Growth strategies” throughout the year to measure and help your organization stay on track with your growth. Our Growth plans have helped organizations stabilize and Grow during some of their most difficult seasons.

Why should I use HR Growth Spurts instead of traditional agencies?

We are not a call center, I repeat we are not a call center! We are a part of your HR team. A Growth expert is assigned to your team who will work hand and hand with your organization. Our growth experts meet with their teams regularly and even conduct site visits when needed.

Instead of taking on the financial responsibility of hiring an HR team, we bring the team to you at a much more affordable rate.

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